SkillsGraphic | Illustration


GEOMETRICSCAPES is a graphic project started in painting in 2009.
Born from the desire to tell the perception of society and in particular that feeling of alienation, loneliness but also of hope which is imbued with contemporary man.
In the series we explore the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlimitation, of prison, thus recalling physical and mental states with which we often confront each other in the course of life, suggested by grids and limited spaces within which the characters move and in which we can also see possible escape routes.
From the acrylic, the project is passed to the digital that allows a uniformity and impersonality difficult to reach with the painting that is affected by the gesture.
The formal research wanted to find an icon representing the man who in his essentiality could express non-identity and seriality and at the same time the mood in relation to the landscape in which he moves.
The places, as the name recalls, are geometric spaces in which regularity is sought ambiguity and often a sense of non-finite.
They are snapshots of moments that, despite the surreal setting, through perspectives that they introduce in the designed space, they want to lead the spectator to an emotional participation.