Mindclimbers is a collective composed of graphic designers, ux designers, architects, photographers and professionals in social media marketing who put their passion, ideas and skills at the service of your projects.

Our multidisciplinary approach distinguishes our work.

As the name of the collective suggests, we are climbers of ideas, we draw from the fields closest to us to achieve our goals, including the satisfaction of our customers.

Our services are focused on graphics and visual communication, and in particular we deal with the creation of corporate identity, creation of websites, social media marketing, publishing and services for architecture.

The versatility and the well-established relationship of collaboration between the members of the team allows us to guarantee our customers high quality work in compliance with the established times and objectives.

Brand Design

Corporate identity is the perception that a customer has of a company, a product or a service.

The choice of an effective visual identity, combined with a unique style of communication, is the first step, therefore, to convey to the users the values of a company and make it recognizable at the same time.

Starting from the corporate vision we study and develop your brand identity, which will be the starting point on which the communication and marketing of your project will be built.

Our services include logo design and its applications on letterheads, business cards, banners, gadgets.

We also take care of creating graphic and photographic sets also for use on social networks.


Graphic Design or Graphic Design is the design aimed at visual communication.

Ranging from traditional graphics to the new frontiers of digital media, we study communication solutions tailored to your needs, to illustrate and promote your products or services, attracting potential users.

Our services include editorial projects, creation of supplementary content for your brand identity, graphic sponsorship for events, packaging, visual coordination in the Retail area.

Let’s put your ideas in motion. We create content and make presentation or promotion video montages that can be used in corporate events or on social networks.

web design

Immediate and convincing communication is needed to win over customers.

The promotion of a product, a service or a company can not be separated from its presence on the web. The web today is in fact the fastest and most widespread channel to reach its target users.

Based on your needs, objectives and future developments, we build and manage your website taking care of both the aesthetic aspect and the browsing experience.

The web is a dynamic and constantly evolving place. Therefore we also deal with statistical analysis, optimization of contents and structure (SEO – Search Engine Optimization) and advertising on search engines (Google ADS).

social media

Social media are now part of our daily life, but without a communication strategy and content constantly updated, your online presence is likely to be reduced to a static window, unable to attract new users and retain existing ones.

The management of social networks, will allow you not only to have more visibility but above all to quickly reach your target users, with which you will enter in direct contact, receiving continuous feedback on products and services offered by you.

An editorial plan, correct strategies and quality content will make you emerge from the crowd, obtaining better results in a short time.



The graphic aspect is now predominant also in the field of architecture.

The service is aimed primarily at design studios and real estate agencies that need quality images to better promote their work to customers.

We deal with 2D drawing, 3D modeling, rendering, photo insertions and post production.

We create layouts for print, web and mobile devices, such as portfolios, promotional brochures and competition tables, to present and tell the best of your projects.

We also offer surveying and design services, with the support of architects and technicians with proven experience.


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